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YES, please order me a new Line (will incur an additional charge of approx 85€ + Tax by Movistar) YOU MUST HAVE A SPANISH BANK ACCOUNT FOR THE DIRECT DEBIT
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RTC (Ordinary PSTN Land Line)

dtADSL Broadband Internet Packages
dtADSLdT OneBill EU 250 @19,99€/month* (Line Rental with 250 European Landline Minutes Included)
dtADSLdT OneBill (14,95€/month plus tax) (Line Rental Only - Calls will be billed at the dT Rate)

CPS Only (Low Cost Call service without the need to dial a prefix) + ADSL (optional)
Manual Prefix only (Low Cost Call service requires use of a prefix code provided by dT) + ADSL (optional)

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I do NOT wish to maintain the rental or maintenance of my Telefónica/Movistar (Movistar) telephone handset(s) on the abovementioned line(s)

adsl without line rental
dT TOTAL up to 8MB
dT Total ADSL
dT Lite up to 3MB
dT Lite ADSL
adsl without line rental
ADSL EU up to 8MB
ADSL Lite up to 3MB
No Adsl, thank you

Support Plus @ 4,99/ Month

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Fritz!Box 7330 @ 0,00€ plus tax
Fritz Box 7330
Fritz!Box 7360 @ 50,00€ plus tax
Fritz Box 7360
Fritz!Box 7390 @ 100,00€ plus tax
Fritz Box 7390
Fritz!Box 7490 @ 150,00€ plus tax
Fritz Box 7490

NO router thank you!

DT Media TV (FREE)
dT Media TV Free
DT Media TV More (9,99€ plus tax)
dT Media TV MORE
DT Media TV Move (14,99€ plus tax)
dT Media TV Move

DT Media TV (14,99€ plus tax)
dT Media TV Free
DT Media TV More (19,99€ plus tax)
dT Media TV MORE
No dT Media TV thank you.

DUNE HD TV-120 (Click for more options)
DUNE HD TV-303D (199,90€ plus tax)
No Dune thank you.
DUNE HD TV-120 Buy Now @ (149,90€ plus tax)
DUNE HD TV-120 Fiance 18 Months @ (10,00€/month plus tax)
HDMI CABLE (9,99€ plus tax)
hdmi cable
headset direct telecom Yes, please contact me with information regarding available telephone handset

Select at least ONE (VoIP) call module. The first is FREE (NOT VALID FOR ADSL LITE). Each additional module costs 5€/month plus tax
dT Total : 300 Minutes per module | dT Lite : 120 Minutes per module combined with Spanish land line

I don't need to contract any modules.
OZ and NZ
EU (2nd module)
USA-Canada (2nd module)
OZ and NZ (2nd module)
Asia (2nd module)

No Mobile Plan
TOTAL 120 Mobile (9,95€/month plus tax)
TOTAL 300 Mobile (19,95€/month plus tax)

Email (fastest & cheapest)
Printed & Posted (0,4€ extra per invoice)

Courier 14,95€ (3-6 working days)
Collection FREE C/ La Borda Nº1 Local 1 - Adeje - 38670 - Tenerife

Direct Debit
Credit Card


I would like to pay the new line installation with the ES bank account, once the services are with Direct Telecom please charge me on this card (Can be any International card):

Terms & Conditions


I hereby confirm that I am the authorised person to make decisions for service applications made to the mentioned lines. I authorise the bank / credit card issuer / debit card issuer to pay from my bank account / credit card / debit card (as indicated above), the invoices presented by Dial Direct Telecom S.L. relative to the present agreement. I authorise the use of my Direct Debit / Credit Card / Debit Card details for the use of settling my account. I accept the Terms and Conditions of this agreement.. I understand that in the event of contracting DT OneBill or ADSL services, I must provide Credit/Debit card details to process the payment of the admin fee/deposit, unless payment is via cash. I hereby authorise Dial Direct Telecom to act on my behalf to process my line rental application (Extended CPS) &/or access the pre-selection facility (preselección de Operadores). I understand that I will be required to dial the provided prefix until pre-selection has been confirmed. By contracting this service, I hereby authorise Telefónica/Movistar de España S.A.U to pass on to BT/DDT any information obtained related to my contractual relationship with Telefónica/Movistar, and that is necessary to correctly process and provide the above mentioned service.


1.This service is brought to you by DIAL DIRECT TELECOM SL hereinafter referred to as "DDT". The “Agreement Holder" is hereinafter referred to as the "Customer/Client". 2. The DDT products and services are not to be used in conjunction with other similar services. 3. Responsibility for monies owed, either by the pre-paid or post-paid facility, is solely the responsibility of the customer. Any charges incurred by DDT in the collection of debt and any charges made to DDT by the banks or any other institution for presenting or refusing direct debits or credit card transactions will be passed on to the customer. The customer authorizes DDT to use the customer’s bank account and / or credit card details supplied for the pursuance of settling outstanding payments to DDT in any way DDT deems necessary. 4. Any charges due to disconnection for non-payment of accounts will be passed on to the customer. 5. Post-paid accounts will be debited either by bank debit or credit card debit and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure there is sufficient credit to pay the accounts in full. 6. There are no registration fees charged by DDT. In the case of pre-payments, a minimum of 30 euros or an estimated value of the agreement holder’s monthly usage, whichever is the greater shall be paid by the customer in advance of using the service. Unused credit is non-refundable but will stay on the DDT account to be used for a maximum of 18 months. 7. DDT is not responsible for any problems on the network resulting in temporary or long term loss of service. There cannot be any claims on DDT of whatsoever nature for such loss of service with the exception of those acknowledged in the Spanish legislation including those of article 115 of the RD424/2005. 8. On the signing of this agreement, the customer gives DDT consent to use the details contained in the agreement for the purpose of billing and in any way DDT feels it will benefit the customer, subject to the laws and regulations in Spain. 9. It is DDT ś policy to work on behalf of its customers to achieve the best rates and services and therefore DDT reserves the right to change services and prices without prior notice. 10. A customer help line is there for your convenience between the hours of to Friday : 900 347 328 or 902 107 111. 11. Monthly admin. charge of 0.60€ is only levied if calls are made in the month or ADSL/DTOneBill service is contracted. A charge of 0.40€ is charged if the POST option is selected. Direct Telecom wishes to encourage more environmentally friendly ‘emailed’ statements. 12. There is a one off, non-refundable connection administration charge of 10,€ per line for DT OneBill (line rental). This must be paid up front in order to initiate the application. 13. The price of the DT OneBill line rental is of 13,97€ (Tax not included) and is paid one month in advance. This price includes; - Land line rental, Caller Identification, Call waiting Identification & Call Divert (if busy). It is possible that some of these functions need to be activated by dialling a sequence on your handset. For further information please call 900 347 328. 14. Once DT OneBill takes your line rental away from Telefónica/Movistar/Movistar, there should be no reason to receive any further invoices from Telefónica/Movistar/Movistar UNLESS there are specific call plans that you have contracted with Telefónica/Movistar/Movistar. DDT will not take responsibility for any further charges or possible bills sent by Telefónica/Movistar/Movistar. 15. DDT will not supply DT OneBill clients with telephone handsets. It is assumed that the client already owns an analogue telephone. Direct Telecom will not take responsibility if the client is invoiced by Telefónica/Movistar/Movistar for the telephone originally obtained from Telefónica/Movistar/Movistar when the land line was initially installed. 16. Duration: This agreement will have a duration of 18 months and will be automatically renewed at the end of the period unless and until either of us gives the other written notice of termination at least 42 days before the relevant anniversary. This agreement may be ended immediately by the client if DDT breaks a term of this agreement, which after written notice has not been rectified within 14 days. DDT reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately in the event of at least 2 non-payment of any outstanding accounts where payment has been requested. Should you terminate your agreement before the end of the contractual period, you may be liable to a termination fee Of 50€ will be applied and all outstanding invoices must be settled immediately. DT OneBill (EU) 250 plan: This plan includes DT OneBill Line Rental for 13,97€ as described in point 13 above, and also includes 250 minutes per month to Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden & UK land lines. This plan costs 19,99€/month. The 250 minutes do not roll over or accumulate if unused. ADSL VoIP Modules (part 4): (All excludes special rate and non geographic numbers) Module 1: EU ADSL: ADSL Standard plus 300 VoIP minutes per month to land lines in 17 European Countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden & UK or 120 minutes per month combined with National land line calls and land line calls in previously noted 17 European Countries, according to selected package on point 3. Module 2: USA & CANADA: ADSL Standard plus 300 VoIP minutes per month to USA & CANADA or 120 minutes per month combined with National land line calls and land line calls in USA & Canada, according to selected package on point 3. Module 3: AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND: ADSL Standard plus 300 VoIP minutes per month to land lines in Australia and New Zealand or or 120 minutes per month combined with National land line calls and land line calls in Australia & New Zealand, according to selected package on Point 3. Module 4: ASIA: ADSL Standard plus 300 VoIP minutes per month to land lines in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand or or 120 minutes per month combined with National land line calls and land line calls in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand, according to selected package on Point 3. By signing this agreement, you acknowledge you have read and accept the terms & conditions related to the ADSL service. These conditions are available on a separate document and will be provided when enquiring for the ADSL service. A copy will also be sent once the application is confirmed. Line Guard (Only available in combination with DT OneBill packages): By contracting Line Guard, Direct Telecom will cover costs incurred by Telefónica/Movistar in the event of minor internal repairs such as changing the PTR, the internal line or phone socket as well as the time and travel costs presented by the engineer. For every contract period, Line Guard will cover a maximum of 100€ worth of repairs. If the client decides to authorise a repair with a superior amount that is billed to Direct Telecom, then the difference payable will appear on the next client invoice. Line Guard is only valid for residential clients with ordinary analogue (RTB) landlines. Line Guard does not cover RDSI (ISDN) lines or repairs in business premises. Faults/repairs are reported/requested to DDT during office hours: 900347328. Line Guard is void if the line has been manipulated by the client. Operator preselection The facility to pre-assign or preselect an operator allows the users of land line telephone services available to the public to allocate the operator they wish to use for their call traffic, in accordance with the modality of the selected preselection without the need to previously dial the operator selection prefix (1051) for DDT in every call. DDT will offer this facility to clients so long the dominant operator (Telefónica/Movistar de España S.A.U) implements the necessary operator preselection mechanisms for the lines of the subscribers connected to the digital telephonic exchanges, in accordance with the “Report 1/2001 of 21st of June from the Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicacíones, regarding the implementation of operator preselection by the access operators obliged to provide in the public network market of land line telecommunications. Preselection is the simplest routing modality for the client, as it can guarantee the correct call routing of the type of calls that the client has contracted, without the need of additional action in the client equipment. It eliminates the need to dial the 1051 prefix, reprogram the switchboard (centralita) or install a dialling device, achieving complete independence from equipment. In order to correctly process the call preselection through DDT, the client must return the present application correctly completed and signed on the reverse, assuming in virtue of this application that your calls, depending on the type of chosen preselection, will be transferred from Telefónica/Movistar to DDT for call routing and management. If the client while making a call introduces a prefix from an operator other than DDT, then Telefónica/Movistar will transfer the call routing through the operator that owns the prefix, with independence of the operator preselection made. DDT will inform the client of the facility activation the moment Telefónica/Movistar de España S.A.U informs DDT that the preselection has been carried out. The client will be required to continue using the 1051 prefix until the activation of this service has been confirmed. In the case of being operator preselected, it is not possible to be simultaneously preselected with another operator.
Types of preselection or modification of the contracted preselection. -Long distance preselection: all provincial, inter-provincial and international calls to land lines or mobiles will route through DDT. -Global preselection: all long distance calls, metropolitan calls to landlines or mobiles will route through DDT. - Inclusion of metropolitan calls: all metropolitan calls as well as long distance calls to land lines and mobiles already contracted. This option can only be contracted if the client already has long distance preselection contracted. - Global Extended preselection (DT OneBill): Includes provincial, inter-provincial and international land line and mobile calls as well as calls made to intelligence networks (includes personal numeration and excludes automatic reverse charged calls as well as radiosearch services and calls generated by supplementary services).

For your own security, calls to services of additional charges (807, 806, 807, 905 and 907 numbers) have been blocked by default. Access to these numbers can be enabled if the client applies and if required, a consequent client risk analysis will be performed by BT/DDT before approval. The Global Extended preselection can only be contracted together with the DT OneBill service. The DT OneBill service allows DDT to bill the client for the (1) connection (alta) of the line, the calls that cannot be preselected (except calls routed by dialling the prefix of an operator other than Telefónica/Movistar (2), the monthly telephone line rental fee (3), the supplementary services associated to the line (except closed user group services, RPV and telecomputed services (4), rental and maintenance services of the line subscriber’s terminal equipment and if it is the case, any other services charges presented by Telefónica/Movistar (5). (1) Where possible, the service also allows for the possibility to contract a new line. In this case, DDT proceeds to charge for the corresponding connection (alta). (2) The DT OneBill service will not allow the 1077 prefix from Telefónica/Movistar to be dialled from the date of modification in the commercial management system associated to DT OneBill line. (3) The types of lines that can be used for this service are the individual analogue lines, the TRAC lines migrated to GSM/LMDS/Satellite and the basic digital RDSI lines. Contracting the service on a RDSI line implies that all lines associated to the access line will be preselected. (4) Due to the incompatibility of such services, they will automatically be cancelled with Telefónica/Movistar once the DDT service is contracted. (5) In the event that Telefónica/Movistar was to present an additional charge to the client for services not included previously, then these will be billed by DDT to the client. The client is to pay DDT for each and every one of the concepts corresponding to service provided and according to the rates established and announced to the client as well as Published on the DDT website ( DDT will inform the relevant organisations of any modifications made to the rates within at least 10 days and to the client within at least one month before the modified rates are valid. The notification to the client may be done through the DDT website ( as well as alternative means, and if requested by the client, the notification can be sent in writing. With this service, and with the previously mentioned exceptions, the client understands that their billing contract is modified with Telefónica/Movistar in a way that the client will receive one unique bill from DDT for all the voice services contracted and associated to their telephone line where the client must only contact DDT for any further service management included with the service. In order to correctly process the service application of DT OneBill line and to ensure the correct running of the service, DDT must count on the relevant data relating the client to Telefónica/Movistar. Amongst this data can be anything related to billing, payments, non-payments and additional services that are contracted. By the same token, once the service has been contracted, DDT will have to pass certain client data on to Telefónica/Movistar such as personal ID number changes, subscription data or service suspension data. For this reason, the client authorises DDT, BT and Telefónica/Movistar to share the necessary information. DDT informs the client that in the event of the client suspending the service with DDT, or DDT suspending the DT OneBill line service (denominated as Acceso Mayorista a Línea Telefónica/Movistar or AMTL), then Telefónica/Movistar will automatically take over the billing and provisioning of service of all the services previously contracted with DT OneBill line. DDT will be able to temporarily suspend the DT OneBill line service in the event of the client not paying invoices or being in debt with DDT. The client will be automatically set to debt status if the payment of the outstanding amount is not paid on time, without a need of further requirements will also be obliged to pay interest on delayed payments as established in the land line service contract. The client will be able to process the suspension of the preselection service as well as DT OneBill line service with DDT (as indicated in point 16) as well as Telefónica/Movistar. If the client decides to suspend the services via Telefónica/Movistar, then the client must also inform DDT so that DDT does not continue to bill the client. DDT will be exonerated from any responsibility and can continue billing for the service if the client does not communicate these circumstances to DDT, limiting the responsibility only to refund the client for the quantities billed where DDT have not been billed by BT or Telefónica/Movistar. This is also applicable if the client decides to contract services with an operator other than DDT. The cancellation of the preselection service and/or unique billing will also cancel the DT OneBill line service unless the contrary is requested by the client. The preselection service and the DT OneBill line service are jointly provisioned with the DDT land line service (DT OneBill). The service provisioning conditions are applicable in all the aspects not contemplated in this document. Preselection Unit. - Individual: This is the preselection of one single land line number. It is possible to individually preselect individual lines and individual numbers of a basic access land line, of a analogue switchboard (centralita), analogue link lines, primary access lines or of ISPBX groups. - In blocks: Is the unitary form preselecting a group of telephone numbers that belong to the same basic access, to one analogue switchboard (centralita) or analogue link lines, to a primary access or a ISPBX group. When preselecting in “block”, if one line is pre
The data of a personal nature that are facilitated will be recorded in a file of which DIAL DIRECT TELECOM, S.L., a company of Spanish nationality, Tax ID Code: CIF: B-38585204, domicile at C/La Borda No1, Rosa de los Vientos Local AL1, Adeje 38670, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España. Under the scope of Section 5 of the Statutory Act 15/1999, on the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, DIAL DIRECT TELECOM, S.L. complies with the regulations in force and the personal data are included in a File entered in the General Data Protection Register with the name “Clients” and its purpose is the proper processing of the personal data necessary for the suitable and complete identification of the Client. It is thus guaranteed comprehensive attention, offering information about the services provided, for the appropriate management of the established relationship, for the provision of the necessary services object of the contract signed, to respond to enquiries and requests and to obtain statistical data about the same, applying all of the Security Measures considered in the Royal Decree 1720/2008, of December 21, and the other regulations concerning the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, as a guarantee in the confidentiality of the processing of data. DIAL DIRECT TELECOM, S.L. undertakes to comply with the duty to keep the data of a personal nature concerning the Client secret, adopting the measures necessary so as to prevent the alteration, loss, processing or unauthorised access to the same, taking account of the state of the technology at all times. The information contained in our Files is confidential and privileged and it is intended to be processed solely by the people who have access to the personal data of the Client as users authorised by DIAL DIRECT TELECOM, S.L. and any dissemination, distribution or reproduction of the information processed is completely prohibited. The time for the preserving of the data of the Client by DIAL DIRECT TELECOM, S.L. will be the time for which the relationship with the Client lasts, and once this has been completed, the data will be maintained for the time necessary for the fulfilment of the obligations of invoicing and collection and of any other obligation established by the Law. The Client grants its consent for the communication of its data to those entities that are associated with DIAL DIRECT TELECOM, S.L. for the provision and maintenance of the services offered and/or contracted. The Client expressly authorises DIAL DIRECT TELECOM, S.L. to process its personal data with the aim of undertaking commercial actions and commercial and advertising promotion, whether of a general nature or adapted to its personal characteristics, referring to the products, services rendered or of added value that come from DIAL DIRECT TELECOM, S.L. or Companies of the same group or Partnership Entities, by means of electronic communications, SMS/MMS, regular mail or other equivalent means, with this consent always being revocable in nature, without retroactive effects. In the event of NOT wishing the data to be used in order to offer you the information related to Advertising, tick the relevant box. No Advertising from DIAL DIRECT TELECOM, S.L. No Advertising from Companies of the same group No Advertising from Partnership Companies At all times the Client is able to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in writing, accompanied by a photocopy of its National Identity Document, before DIAL DIRECT TELECOM, S.L., to the address C/La Borda No1, Rosa de los Vientos Local AL1, Adeje 38670, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España. The client expressly authorises Dial Direct Telecom S.L. to pass on to DDT any information obtained related to my contractual relationship that is necessary to correctly process and provide the contracted services. Dial Direct Telecom S.L. is an authorised distributor/reseller for VoIP Direct S.L. Note: It is highly recommended that any CONTACT between the client and Telefónica/Movistar is communicated to DDT immediately in order to make sure no involuntary changes are made to the line by Telefónica/Movistar.
Dial Direct Telecom S.L con CIF:B38585204 is authorised by the bellow mentioned signee to perform under his name and representation any and all required tasks to comply with the line assignment and debt acceptance, declaring the before mentioned information to be precise and correct. Dial Direct Telecom S.L is therefore authorised by the subscriber to transfer all applicable personal data to the applicable operators involved within the line assignment process notwithstanding of the 13th, December 15/1999 corresponding personal data protection laws.

I agree to all the terms and conditions